Get Your Bug On! (Part 2) at Southpoint Volkswagen & Southwest Volkswagen



Get Your Bug On! (Part 1) at Southpoint Volkswagen & Southwest Volkswagen

Why is the beloved Volkswagen Beetle the longest running and most manufactured vehicle of all time?

The simple answer: It’s cool AND it rocks.

Is it adorable?

C’mon. It’s unquestionably cute, but its strength in form and assembly also makes it a workhorse that is easy to maintain because of the uncomplicated efficiency of its design. It’s built to last, which is why you always see the same classic Beetle in your neighbor’s driveway down the street, oftentimes passed down from generation to generation.

Does it handle?

To the surprise of many, the Beetle is more powerful and considered more comfortable than most other European small cars because it was (and still is) designed for sustained high speeds on the Autobahn. Without this unique and critical combination of features, it probably would not have endured as it has, continuing to pass the competition by… literally.

Does it float?

An unusual safety feature of the older models: Its buoyant body styling makes it nearly airtight which can actually allow it to float for a few minutes should you find yourself in fast rising waters. As cool as having a car that can serve as a kind of pseudo hovercraft in a pinch sounds, this is only part of the Beetle’s unassuming but fascinating mystique and lore.

The Beetle’s basic design platform has only modestly changed in over 70 years since its inception in the late 1930s that featured:

  • Rear-engine placement
  • Rear-wheel drive configuration
  • An air-cooled four cylinder boxer engine
  • Independent suspension at all four wheels via front as well as rear torsion and stabilizer bars
  • All of its major primary components made out of a light metal alloy

This easy to maintain and simple design translates into less that can go wrong with the Beetle and is the primary reason behind why the same vehicle bought over 40 years ago will be still be more than road worthy today. Not to mention, its classic look makes it like a good wine that just gets better and better with age!

Apart from all of these logical reasons for so loyally loving the love bug, the enigmatic whole is worth way more than the sum of all its little sturdy car parts. The Beetle is unpretentious elegance and simplicity itself. With good reason, its immediately recognizable round iconic shape immediately evokes comfort, fun, and good times: everything that driving should be.

And now, coming just around the bend, is the new 2012 Beetle that embodies and honors the true spirit and storied history of this automotive marvel, but kicks it up a notch with a sportier, sleeker, and more aerodynamic restyling plus all of the modern conveniences and modifications you’d ever want.

Come by for a test drive this summer and get your bug on. Experience why everybody knows somebody who has been getting and passing their Bug on for generations. See what all the love and devotion is about. Climb into this completely and totally affordable classic to understand why all of its diehard loyalists and car aficionados everywhere consider the Volkswagen Beetle a work of art and mainstay everyday masterpiece that we all deserve to drive and enjoy!

Remember when buying a car was exciting & fun?

How buying a car is supposed to be…


Southwest VW: bringing it back to you.

At Southwest VW, we think getting a new car should be exciting, fun, and enjoyable and we want to bring that simple pleasure (and the right reasons to feel good about feeling that way) back to you.

Remember when you were a kid and you’d walk into a car dealership with your parents… that new car smell, the anticipation in the air, the promise of an exciting adventure that would await you if you could just start the car, rev up the engine and drive away?

Where would it take you? Your imagination would run wild with the wind-in-your-hair possibilities that were endless… You couldn’t wait to grow up so you could buy your own car and take off wherever you wanted to go.

Once you grew up, those foundation feelings were grounded, expanded, and framed by all of the very real elemental, empowering, and liberating iconic American symbols a car represents and delivers:

Freedom, independence, achievement, and personality, to name a few.

In recent years, economic pressures have made these fundamental essentials of car buying fade, but with the many unprecedented financing options we offer, you can have the quality Volkswagen you want without all of the worry. Your car should be an extension of who you are and at Southwest Volkswagen, our huge selection of the latest (new Beetles, Jettas, and Passats coming soon!) and greatest Volkswagens are here for you to try on for size and see what’s right for you. Our friendly, family staff understands what you’ve been missing and we’re ready to bring it back to you.

Quality, Affordability, & Choice are all within reach here… 

And that’s what puts exciting & fun back into buying a car.

Come see us at Southwest Volkswagen. Take a test-drive and revel in the speed, safety, control, and release our Volkswagens will afford you.

Be forever young (no matter how old you are),

put the pedal to the metal,

and take the power back.

Southwest Volkswagen… we’ll take you where you want to go! 

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Great. For the Price of Good... and Gettin' Better All the Time!